Engagement | Cassie + Eric

Break rooms are more exciting than tupperwared leftovers and cold ham and cheese sandwiches for some. Eric and Cassie's love began the day he followed her into the break room of an Arizona Office Max to flirt with her during their shift. Six and a half years later, they still flirt and have more affection than a couple at six weeks. Cassie, a pharm tech, and Eric, a graphic designer, might not share the same passion for art but have more than enough passion to make a soap opera look like an after school special. This super sweet couple were such great sports and a pleasure to shoot. It was a cold fall Sunday but luckily the bipolar Seattle weather was on our side as we made our way through Wallingford, an impromptu stop at a sky bridge on the way to Sculpture Park, and slipped in a sushi stop at Japonessa before ending with a night shoot downtown by the market. Even with hours of posing and smooching for the shoot, we'd catch them sneaking kisses off camera.

Though we never made it to Sculpture Park due to the light afternoon drizzle, Eric popped the question here last May before a trip to Paris. He tricked Cassie by purchasing an expensive camera lens for himself earlier that day. "Sorry babe, looks like your ring will have to wait a while longer." Fill in reaction here. Hint, let's just say the back of Eric's head got to feel the fabric of what felt like an oversized bag. They finished off the day at the park, drinking wine under the warm sun when liquid courage brought upon the anticipated four words at sunset and the rest was history.

The destination wedding will be in Puerto Vallarta next spring. It was a treat to have had the opportunity to capture them before they ride into the sunset as one. Jin and I had an absolute blast spending a day in the lives of Eric and Cassie and wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

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