Kicking off 2011 | Be Afraid

2010 was an exciting year for Jin and I. I got my first DSLR last year and it was history from there. Thinking it would just be a take-along on trips and everywhere else we went, it grew into something more. Something that quickly became the focal point of our lives. Somehow we ended up in a studio shooting family portraits and spending a huge chunk of our free time outside of work with anything and everything photography. Over Swedish pancakes and homemade turkey sausage one morning, we wrote out our goals for Jinda and have a lot of exciting things we hope to accomplish in 2011. Writing down goals is the first step in making them real and helps to keep you on track. If you're one of many that are doing this, challenge yourself to add at least one thing that makes you scared or nervous. Something that you'd love to accomplish but are afraid because it takes you out of your comfort zone or because you're afraid to fail. And see how far you can take yourself and how fulfilling it is when you push yourself to the limits. Anything is possible, and ultimately the only thing holding you back is you. In the famous words of A Christmas Story, I double dog dare ya!

"Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did."

We wish everyone out there the best year ever this 2011. Happy new decade!

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