Finally a Table! | Update - It's In And It Fits!

The table and chairs arrived and it fits, feels, and looks great. For most of the time when it's just us two, having the table bumped up against the window with the view of the trees outside gives it a nice cozy feel. I'm very happy with it and look forward to enjoying many delicious meals on it and even using it as a table top for still life photography.

We cooked up some hearty jambalaya and fresh baked bread for dinner as our first meal on it. This turned out to be a long but fun interior design adventure for us! Next up...finding the right chandelier or arching floor lamp to light the space. I'm open ears, so for fun if you dig interior design like I do, let me know if you have any ideas for that taking into consideration the color scheme we got going on up in our crib.

A few pics...

Linda and I are super excited for tomorrow because in the span of the last year and a half after having patiently searched making numerous repeat visits around Seattle and even Portland to Bo-Concept, West Elm, Dania, Kasala, Alchemy Collections, Skarbos, Ikea, Design Within Reach, Macy's Furniture, Crate and Barrel, and Ligne Roset (I think I covered them all), we have finally found a dining table! Until now we've been eating at the bar counter or in front of the TV. After all that running around locally, we ended up finding it at CB2 in downtown San Fransisco. =). I'm very impressed with what CB2's design team have been producing especially within this past year. We've made our rounds so many times to the point that a new employee at one of the stores recently asked if we've been in before to which I smiled back and said oh you must be new. =) It took this long partly because for one, I've made my share of bad furniture purchase decisions in the past. For example, I once bought a butt ugly black leather couch set from Dania that every fresh out of college guy wanted for some unexplainable reason. The funny thing about that story is a guy just out of college ended up buying mine years later. With those types of silly experiences under my belt, I didn't want us to make a choice until we thoroughly knew what we wanted and what all our choices were which we can confidently say we did. Our options were limited because of the space constraints we had to work with. Linda and I were both in agreement that it shouldn't be too long or wide for the space, the color probably shouldn't be white since we already have plenty of surrounding white furniture (we both love white), and lastly it should be multi-functional in being both collapsible or expandable in size for entertaining friends and family. Hilarious at the moment, we didn't follow any of our requirements and reason being, they went against the very things we really wanted. So when we saw it, we finally gave in. The table is white, big and not multi-functional. It's a simple and clean modern one piece top with slab styled legs all in lacquered white. We also picked out four dining chairs that looks great with the table, doesn't compromise on comfort and matches the rest of the room. I know it'll fit since I measured the space a long time ago but we're not sure if it'll be too cramped. I really hope it works because it's the only table we've liked enough to get after all this time. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. =) Keep your fingers crossed...I'll update the post with pictures once it's in.


  1. Congrats on the new table. Let me know if you need a house to go with it. I'm getting ready to make my Leap of Faith and drop the I.T. industry to pursue Real Estate on a fulltime.

  2. Thanks Dave. Wow, really? That sounds exciting and scary at the same time! You must be doing well so keep rocking it out and I'll let you know if or when I need a bigger home. =) Btw, Happy Birthday stud!

  3. It is just very soothing and zen-like, love it... I'd mix in some metallics!

  4. Thanks, Michelle! Funny thing is we threw in a metallic rug to realize it wasn't working with the feel of the room as much as it did in our vision :)

    Congrats, Dave! That's awesome. I admire people that take their chances to pursue something. Wish you the best of luck!