Nifty - Fifty

This post is to highlight a Canon lens that has made it possible for me to create photographs I never knew were possible for a measly, get this, $99 bucks! For all you photography hobbyists out there, you probably have heard of the nickname it has so appropriately been given, known as the "nifty-fifty." It's official name is something like Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II lens and if you want to know more about it, simply Google it and if you end up wanting to buy it, you can pick it up at Amazon. If you want to test it out in personally before buying, come on over (as long as I know you of course) and try out ours or you can visit CameraTechs in Ballard on Market Street where I got mine. Ask for Bill or really anyone...they always seem kind of busy fixing a camera or something but bother them as they are friendly. This is also where I got my first off camera flash, a used Vivitar 285HV, a great cheap but useful speed light flash. Also, Glazer's Camera by South Lake Union pretty much has on display any mainstream popular lens you might want to demo in store or rent.   

This lens is by far my favorite. Why? Well probably because it's really the only lens we have. =) Well actually we also have the 18mm-55mm zoom kit lens that came bundled with the Rebel body, but both Linda and I rarely use it except when we have no choice but to compose a wider shot in a confined space. To date roughly 95% of all the pictures we've taken have been with this lens. I heard how great of a lens it was for starting out and I couldn't agree more after having used it pretty much exclusively for the past 6 months. Seriously, I love this lens like Oprah loves Ezell's Chicken. Reason being, I've invested almost nothing for it and it's given me great results in the area of sharpness, contrast, bokeh and low light performance. 

Like with most things we love though, there's always compromises and this lens is no exception. My relationship with this lens is definitely not all butterlicious. At the moment, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. It can deceivingly give me soft unacceptable shots usually when ambient light is low and the aperture is on the wider open end. It also doesn't want to focus in dim light as it screams at me while it tries to lock on focus with it's loud cheap focusing motor. Regardless, at the end of the day I tuck this little champ into bed, read it a bed time story, and finish off with a kiss good night and sleep tight wishes. Well ok, I don't really give it a kiss good night. =)  

Overall I am really happy I am learning to shoot with this lens because I know it's weaknesses are making me better and the day we have the pleasure of owning higher end lenses, I know I will probably appreciate them that much more for having started with this nifty - fifty. No matter what happens, I will never forget you Nifty, I swear...I can't quit you. =)  

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