Babe, What's For Dinner?

Linda gets very excited when I get it on in the kitchen and of course ya'll obviously know I'm talking about me cooking. =) I felt like cooking last night and decided while I'm at it just for a fun challenge, I'd practice taking pictures of what I was whipping up to practice shooting at a fast pace using bounce flash like I was at an event or something. It was fun and challenging since I often like to time my cooking in a way there's usually a peak period when all the dishes come together in harmony...well usually. I also like to flash cook at a high temp so it meant I had little time to photographically capture what I wanted at the correct exposure in manual mode and get right back to cooking to avoid burning dinner.

The evening's special for Linda was Blacked Cajun Lime Steelhead Salmon Fillet with Garlic Butter Mushroom and Green Beans. Of course since we're Asian folks and all, you can guess what the complimenting starch was, yup you guessed it, rice!

I usually like doing a soy based marinade for the salmon but I felt like doing something different. The green beans looked really fresh at the grocery store so that's what I picked.

I started off with the rice using a 50/50 mix of basmanti and sticky Thai jasmine. The taste and texture is awesome! You should try it.

While that was cooking and turned the oven on to 400 degrees, I rubbed in the Cajun seasoning we got from the spice store at Pike Place Market a while back. To spice it up even more which is how we Korean's like to do it, I also included some salt, pepper, more Cajun powder, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, and topped it off with a few thin slices of lime and some of it's fresh squeezed juice. I let that sit in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

While the salmon was getting it's pampered spa treament, I washed the veggies and prepped it all for the saute show down. The oven let me know it was ready so in went the salmon.

I steamed the green beans for a short 5 minutes and when the steam was building, I got the butter and fresh minced garlic and chopped scallions going into the saute pan on medium-high.

Half way through before turning golden brown, I threw in the mushrooms and onion.

Just when they started to caramelize, I threw in the green beans and gave it a few good flicks with my wrist to coat it all with the delicious garlic butter. =P

Btw while this was all going on, Linda decided to make her awesome bagette sandwich for our lunchies, so I had to capture this delicious thing of beauty!

Alright so back to what's cookin. I then cranked up the heat to high and seasoned the veggies with a touch of salt and pepper only. Reduced it down a bit with a splash of Pinot we were drinking and a few minutes later after the alcohol evaporated it was good to go, the salmon was ready and after plating, dinner was served. Bon Appetite or Chal Mohguh!

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