Love Locks Down

The other day, my friends James and Amy who are visiting home (Seattle) away from home (Hawaii) came over to hang out and grab a bite to eat at BIS on Main in Bellevue. They've never been there so naturally we had to take them there since it's our favorite happy hour joint on the east side. They arrived while I was practicing shooting high key shots of Linda for the first time using the off white sliding door's cellular blinds in the living room. The one other time I tried using this same shade as the backdrop was for the giraffe shot which was posted previously here. This window shade is starting to become very useful but I'm hoping down the road to install a real back drop system in the living room that can be rolled up and out of site when not in use or pulled down when needed. The blind wasn't optimal in size for full body shots but it worked ok for head to shoulder compositions while the subject was sitting. Since we were just hanging out, of course I wanted to shoot them especially because James in particular has these awesome long dread locks that I wanted to shoot in the high key lighting style to see how it would turn out. I also wanted to get a few silly shots of them together for them to have and enjoy. Now they are not the type of peeps to be jumping out their chairs to volunteer getting photographed which means they are probably not that comfortable in front of a camera cheesing it up so when they were willing, I saw it as an opportunity to practice what I've tried to be conscious of since day one which is to always make it about having fun for everyone involved and to try to capture their natural and genuine personalities through our interaction together. It was pretty easy to do in this case since we are close friends and I've known James since pretty much forever. They both did awesome and we all had a good time shooting and messing with James' locks for his shots with good music going and drink in hand to kick off the beginning of the weekend.

James and Amy, to send you off properly JINDA style, of course I have to share how the pictures turned out with you and our network of friends and family on this blog! =) I'm glad you trust me to represent you to the best of my ability. Technically they are not the best because of lighting and focusing reasons but personally who cares! I totally dig them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. Have a safe flight back to the island and best wishes!

One Love...Jin


  1. Linda22.9.10

    Awesome work :)

  2. These came out great! Thanks for having us sit with you :)