Herbs & Cars

We had our first gardening class yesterday at Cascade Park in Seattle. I told you we're random, or I like to say well-rounded :) We've wanted to start our own little garden out on the porch for a while and didn't get a chance to plant it over the warmer months so I was excited to see that it wasn't too late. A couple things that might be new to you, there's a type of sage called pineapple sage and it really smells like pineapple. It isn't as versatile in cooking but works great in teas and for aromatherapy. The speaker also recommended organic fertilizer. Jin likes to make the most of his resources so he asked if Kimmy's poopie might do the job. Not so much because of the bacteria but can't blame a guy for getting creative, right? At the end of the class we were free to take some of the herbs home and Jin jokingly grabbed the huge plant that she potted and pretended to walk out of class. I swear, the girl put on her "what the h..." face and was about to beat him with the basil in her hand. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little but you get the picture.
Also a peek at what we were drooling over later that night. We like looking at hot cars. One time we stopped by the BMW dealership for fun just to check things out. We were psyched when the salesperson offered to take us on a test drive in the M3 and 335i. You could tell he was Korean. Very proper, black-rimmed glasses, a little on the chubby side, potential tech-field employee. We hit the road and you could almost hear the classical music playing in the background like on those Benz commercials. After a little small talk, he was shocked to learn that we were Korean as well. Apparently learning we were Korean to him was like us telling him we were related to the Obamas. He did a 360 at that point, his personality that is. It was like a movie in the scene where the not-so-cool kid walks into school looking like a rock star with all the hot chicks on his arm. "Ah, you guys are Korean. Let me show you what this car can REALLY do" in his best Al Pacino voice. The way he said it, if I didn't have my seatbelt on I would have been fighting to put it on. But I like it when people loosen up and show a side that you don't expect. So he speeds around a curve super fast and breaks really hard to show off the breaks and handling. Is that 'burnt rubber' flavor air freshener I smell? At this point I think someone changed the Beethoven I imagined in the background to hard core rap, specifically Tupac's Ride or Die. Someone put a red bandana around his forehead and gold fronts in his teeth. By the way, I love the sound of the exhaust on the M3. Masculine and deep toned but not too obnoxious like some others. After he shows off the M3, we get into the 335i. I love that car but was a little bummed I didn't have my license on me to test drive it. But it's okay. Because luckily God made me Korean. "You don't need a driver's license. It's okay, go ahead, take a spin." Sweet. So needless to say it was a fun and wild ride.
Back to what we were drooling about. Jin loves the new ISF so he was browsing the Lexus site last night and came across a beautiful car. Only "starting at $375k" beautiful. But it's made to order like McDonald's. 550 hp, v10. Here's a peek at the car that comes out end of year. I've never seen him so excited, it was cute.

He had the best idea ever. To get the pearl ISF and black Range Rover one day. I couldn't agree more. It's always good to set goals :)

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