Field trip to Adobe!

I'm excited today because Linda and I are heading to Adobe's campus in Fremont this evening for a seminar on their latest release of Lightroom, version 3. I've been trying it out for almost a month now and have nothing but good things to say about it although my home computer could use more RAM, a SSD hard drive, and 64bit OS of Windows 7 to hang with it but that's another story. I've managed to get through one of Lynda.com's LR3 courses which was excellent so I'm hoping today's course will help solidify what I've learned thus far as well as take away some tips and tricks to improve my workflow to be that much more pleasantly efficient. I'm also looking forward to networking with new photog enthusiasts as we're like the new kids on the block. I'll follow up later with my thoughts on our visit.

Btw, we got some new gear and some still en route from our friends in Hong Kong which we will share soon! For our curious friends and family that are also into photography, we will be adding a "what's in the bag" section to the blog to share the gear we're currently using to create the images you see here as well as on Flickr.

Happy Monday ya'll. | Jin |

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