Tour of August

So we just finished our "Tour of August", four out of four trips for the last month of summer. It was really nice having a trip to look forward to through the work week and finding ourselves in a different city by week's end. We went from Portland to San Diego to Vancouver and ended the month in "German Town" Leavenworth. Each town had it's personal character and we made sure to have a mini-photoshoot in each city. Some of my favorite photographs are the ones we took at the pool in Leavenworth utilizing off-camera flash, Rose as the countdown timer, and Jin and I taking turns pretending we were lightstands as Carl and Jerry flew into the pool until we got the perfect shots. Ah yes, the tough life of being a model. It's okay, we compensated all their hard work doing what they were doing anyway with some crsip, cold beer. The timing of the capture was crucial as the light would hit the wrong part of the subject if the shutter was released too soon or too late but when the timing was perfect, it resulted in some really cool effects with the combination of the beam, the water splash, and the silhouette on the subject. We also got several shots from the field that we were really happy with. It's always fun being in front of and behind the camera to switch it up a bit. Thanks to Rose and Ryan they caught us in action with this outdoor shoot below. We took advantage of the strong breeze to create some movement until the wind turned our reflector into a frisbee that Jesse managed to run down and broke our umbrella. But it was worth it all at the end of the day. It's been a wild ride this past month so it'll be nice to settle back into routine and put our minds back into normalcy...into learning, home cooking, lounging around with jin, having Kimmy home...and of course the occasional happy hour.

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