Leavenworth | Summer Cabin Party

Sometimes, its just nice to get away for the weekend with friends with the intent of doing much a do about nothing. No plans, no schedule. Just a destination and on the way there, we picked up some food and light refreshing beverages to share, coors light in this case and just let loose relaxing in style. It's exactly what we all need sometimes and is also a great way to nurture your friendships and make new ones. As usual once again, Rose came through with a great find on the cabin. Thanks Rose, you're the best and I can't wait for Whistler 2011! We enjoyed a cozy 3k sq-ft pad with an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, large deck, game room, bar, big screen tv, internet, and a nice landscaped yard with a great view and backdrops perfect for you know what, of course a photo shoot! There were plenty of cool spots around the house and ended up picking a few places that I was drawn to.

Here's a few pictures of Linda around the house. I was mixing ambient, a speedlight in a satin umbrella modifier and a real legit reflector this time around instead of my ghetto car dash windshield blinds. =) First time I've used all three together. It was early afternoon so the sun was basking us overhead, which is one of the reasons I chose the spots I did because there was some much needed shade to help a brotha out. Linda's outfit matched with the setting so I felt it all just came together well. We had a blast even though we had our first equipment accident which I knew would happen sooner or later...more on that in a bit. We were really happy with the number of keepers from this shoot. Here's a few of them...

Rose and Jesse got in on the fun...say cheese =)

"Do my eastside run this motha for ya?"

It seems like whenever there's a pool on these getaways, there's going to be some crazy aerial acrobatics going down. I have to say each year, the tricks get more silly yet impressive and the cannon balls more powerful. Linda and I decided it'd be fun to practice some bare bulb lighting during one of our pool parties and also try out the AI Servo AF Mode on the Rebel. Since this pool had a roof over its head, flash was needed to freeze the action as it was pretty dark. We tried off camera flash on a light stand camera left, on camera axis from the other far end of the pool and also from behind with the flash firing towards the camera. Thanks to our models Air Carl and Force Jerry, they put on a show for the rest of us in the jacuzzi. Big ups, literally ha!

Crunk'in in mid-air!

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