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Linda and I just got back from visiting close friends in San Diego. I proposed the idea to Linda recently that we should make a point to do a photo shoot in every city we visit. Many of us snap away picture after picture with our compact camera or smart phone throughout a trip which I think in itself is important in capturing the trip chronologically to look back on (Linda is a natural at doing this which I've learned to appreciate) but in addition, I like the idea of having an on location photo shoot while visiting a city even if we've been there before. It doesn't matter what type of shoot whether it be macro, landscape, fashion, portraits, architecture, etc...just go with what inspires me during the trip I guess. There's so many places to see and things to do in each city that by making the effort to go out for a photo shoot I think will increase our chance of seeing and experiencing more of what a city has to offer. As for the shoot, I like to think of it as role playing which I've always been a believer in when it comes to becoming better at something you aspire to be or like someone you want to be. By doing this consistently, I think we can convince ourselves that we are and in time, we do become that person and it no longer is just role play. I know this sounds silly which it kind of is, but hey, it's always worked for me and I also have more fun acting the fool while I'm at it.

I want to become a better photographer because I've always had an interest in it in my heart like I have for architecture, interior design and graphic design. I don't know why it took so long to give it a go, but thanks partly due to Linda for stirring up this long interest of mine by going out and buying herself a dslr for me to tinker around with too, we've ventured into it together as it's something she's wanted to explore as well. I'm excited to find out where it will take me and all the enjoyment I'm sure it will bring. I just know I have so many unique stories and experiences that have shaped me to be who I am, how I think and feel, and the artistic tastes I've aquired because of it and so through photography, I hope it shows though in my images as I get past the technical and start to tap into my creative potential.


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