Summer in Vancouver

We made it back safe from a good trip in Vancouver! We managed to escape in one piece from the rollerskating, pig-tailed she-man with the old school walkman and handycam that was skating circles around us in the intersection of East Hastings (note to self, don't cross the East and West border of this street.) We started our day riding around Stanley Park on bicycles which was very refreshing and were pleasantly surprised by our nice hotel room with floor-to-ceiling windows and I knew Jin was thinking the same thing once we walked in--perfect backdrop and lighting for great pictures :) We were able to get some shots at the park and the hotel room, including some humorous ones in the gym thanks to Carl's "sexy pose". While deciding what we wanted for lunch, no one was up to try to the scary Indian buffet that Jin wanted to go to so he wants to eat there the next time we go back. I'm all for eating and another trip to Vancouver. After lunch we stopped by Robson for some quick window shopping and Jin surprised me by purchasing the purse I was eyeing being the sweet boyfriend that he is. Continuing our eating fest, we beat the hungry rush at the Richmond night market and burned off the calories from all the involuntary city walking we did that evening until the wee hours of the a.m. Poor Carl found himself hugging the toilet at dawn so the rest of us resumed at our favorite market on Granville Island for pastries and got our Chinese food fix in Richmond on the way home. At the end of the day, the very eventful one night trip felt like a full weekend for us all :)

Granville Island Farmers Market

Underneath the Granville Bridge


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