Just for fun, my prediction!

Photography enthusiasts are all enjoying the entertainment from the DSLR war that is going on right now as Q4 has already creeped up on us and the usual key players are releasing their refreshed models that are most due up for a refresh. I don't keep tabs on all the manufacturers except Canon since it is what Linda and I've chosen to start playing around with but I heard Sony recently came out with two new DSLRs that now does continuous auto-focus for HD video recording and that sports a transparent mirror that allows it to not have to move out of the way to expose the CMOS/CCD sensor when taking a shot.

We as consumers are spoiled in so many ways when it comes to technology in general and cameras, both compact point and shoots and DSLR's are no exception. Being the most familiar with the happenings with the Canon DSLR family of products, we as amateurs or prosumers have fantastic options for choosing an amazing capable camera at obtainable price points. It's clear that Canon's APS-C sensored product line has received the most attention recently with a refresh of the Rebel T2i (550D) shortly after the Rebel T1i came out, as well as the 7D and as of yesterday, the 60D. All great cameras with similar features and capabilities in my opinion. The T2i, which is their newest and best entry DLSR, which is what Linda purchased is like a mini 7D with a housing build quality that of a economy Honda and an Acura for the 7D. What really is interesting is the timing of the release of the 60D yesterday, which also is very similar in feature set as the latter two. The interesting part being the timing in relationship to the specs. The rumor for those waiting for the next refresh of the prosumer grade release of Canon's full frame camera, known by all as the all mighty 5D Mark II, is that it could possibly be this time of year we'd hear the announcement but instead if ended up being the successor to the 50D, the 60D. Now it seems that much more likely the 5D Mark II refresh won't happen until sometime next year. That is what I'm waiting for in basing my first DSLR purchase decision. In the meantime with what we now know about the 60D feature set, here's my fun little prediction of what the 5D Mark III specs will be.

Similar body size and build quality as the current Mark II and 7D
Same or similar sensor as the 1D Mark IV
Same 60D 3" screen with articulating arm
Continuous auto-focus during video capture - This is a big one!
Same metering and auto-focus as the 7D - The obvious
Oh I almost forgot, priced around $3K for just the body
And all the usual we would expect....

The big one I'm betting on is Continuous auto-focus. Because they did not release it on the 60D at this time when Sony already has, it makes me more optimistic that they're saving it for the Mark III. I and many many others hope I'm right on this one!

It is indeed a happening time in the DSLR world and I look forward to what unfolds in the next 6-8 months regarding the Mark III or whatever they end up calling it. In the meantime since I'm still such a newb, I will continue to practice mastering the craft with the amazing entry level T2i in hopes that I will then have at least an inkling of business needing a camera of this caliber. =)

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