Sculpture Park | 03.27.2010

A trip to Kasala Outlet in SODO turned into our first impromptu photo shoot of my favorite subject for portraits, why of course no other than the beautiful amateur model exploding with potential, my Linda! I had absolutely no idea what I was doing as we just started learning how to use a dslr, but I was happy with how a few of them turned out. I got the silly idea to bring my car windshield screen visor thingy since I learned strong afternoon sunlight creates harsh shadows on subjects and so with this make shift ghetto reflector blinding Linda and some diffusion from a few helpful clouds, this is what we got. I really like the texture and color of this sculpture but didn't care for the bird poop. Left that in to capture the fact that I'm such a newb. I wasn't even aware of it until much later when I started to learn about distractions to look out for in compositions. It is an added bonus that my girlfriend shares the same interest and is a good sport about being my model. For now, I'm sure much of my practice will be of her because she's usually by my side :)

A few shots just outside Kasala

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